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Why do snowy peaks flatter with your thoughts? Why do the towering region challenges to take a willy nilly attempt? Lot more questions bang on your brain, when you think about adventure trip. Travel to Himalayas and reach ts acme. You might get answers to all your questions.

Dalhousie Darjeeling Leh
Dalhousie Darjeeling Himachal Pradesh
This Hill station spreads over five low-level hills at the western edge of the Dhauladhar range, just east of the Ravi River. Visit Himalayas and see the beauty truth of Himalayas India.
The toy train coming from Siliguri is some thing which is liked by the elders and the children equally. Many have only the questions about Himalayas and Himalayan Hills.
As one approaches Leh for the first time, via the sloping seep of dust and pebbles that divide if from the floor of the Indus Valley. Really but trully who have not the dream to visit the Himalayas


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Ladakh Srinagar Kufri
Ladakh Srinagar Kufri
Ladakh is a land like no other. Bounded by two of the world's mightiest mountain ranges, the Great Himalayas and the Karakoram, it lies athwart two other, the Ladakh range and the beautiful Zanskar range.
The capital of Jammu and Kashmir and the largest city in the state, Srinagar (1,730m) is famous for its canals, houseboats and Mughal gardens. From long ago the Himalayas India has been revered as the "Abode of Gods".
Some great Hiking, some skiing, some beautiful scenes and a cool environment that's what Kufri is all about. But the fact is that trailing via imalayas, brings you directly in contact with the people and their culture.

Shimla Dharamsala Valley Mussoorie
Shimla Dharamsala Mussoorie
Shimla is a tourist place - the capital of the Himachal state. Shimla (also spelt as 'Simla') derives its name from goddess 'Shayamla Devi', which is another manifestation of Goddess Kali.
Set against the backdrop of the dramatic Dhauladhar mountains, Dharamsala is perched on the high slopes in the upper reaches of Kangra Valley. But reality lies in Himalayas.
Mussoorie is located in the Garhwal hills. Due to its immense natural beauty, Mussoorie is known as the Queen of hill stations. Mussoorie, is derived from plants of 'Mussoorie'.

Nainital Zanskar
Nainital Zanskar
A small town in the hills of Kumaon, Nainital is a lovely hill station surrounded by mountains on three sides. Once this area had many lakes and it was called the City of 60 lakes or 'Chakta'.
About 20-km south of Rangdum stands the Pazila watershed across which lies Zanskar, the most isolated of all the trans Himalayan Valleys. Visit Himalayas and Zanskar.